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Welcome to Medianova Cloud

Why Medianova?

Medianova is one of the leading CDN and Cloud Services companies with a global footprint but is extremely focused on Europe, North Africa, Turkey, and the Middle East region. Our customers include global social media companies, OTTs, the largest e-commerce companies, financial institutions, gaming companies, and government agencies. 

Medianova’s patented EdgeCache technology makes sure your content is cached right at the edge with a more than 98% hit ratio. This means your performance is top-notch, and your digital services are closer to your users

On top of that, our cloud security services such as WAF, DDoS Protection, Rate Limiting, and API Protection add another layer of security to your services. Create, edit, manage, and upgrade any service that you need from our user panel, 24/7.

Let's Begin the Journey:

Whether you're here to boost your website's performance, enhance security, or simply learn more about CDNs, we're here to guide you. Feel free to explore the knowledge base, and if you have any questions along the way, our support team is just a message away.

Thank you for choosing Medianova for your CDN needs. Let's elevate your digital experience together!

Happy exploring!

Medianova Team

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