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Rate Limiting

What is Rate Limiting?

Rate limiting is a service to regulate the rate at which traffic is permitted to visit a web application. It restricts how many requests can be made in a certain amount of time, preventing malicious or excessive traffic from overwhelming the servers beyond capacity and resulting in downtime or other problems. Rate Limiting is an essential security technique that protects companies against variety of cyberattacks, such as

  • DDoS attacks,

  • Brute force attacks, and

  • Web scraping.

What are the benefits of Rate Limiting for businesses?

Using Rate Limiting for a business’ web application has several benefits, including:

Protecting against DDoS attacks: One of the most frequent and harmful types of cyberattacks is the DDoS attack. They can seriously disrupt services and cause downtime. By limiting the number of requests that can be sent in a certain amount of time, rate limiting can aid in the prevention of DDoS attacks.

Preventing brute force attacks: Brute force attacks are another prominent sort of cyber attack that businesses These entail hackers guessing login credentials in order to gain access to web properties. By limiting the total number of login attempts, rate limiting can aid in the prevention of brute force attacks.

Blocking web scraping: Attackers use the method of web scraping to gather information from a company’s web properties. By restricting the number of requests that can be made within a specified time period, rate limiting can help to prevent web scraping.

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