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Private CDN

Medianova's Private CDN offers a robust solution for organizations seeking enhanced control, flexibility, and performance in content delivery. This documentation provides comprehensive information on the features, configuration options, and benefits of the Private CDN.

Key Features

  1. Dedicated POPs in Your Network:

    • Private CDN provides dedicated Points of Presence (POPs) within your private network or a location of your choice.

  2. Better Performance:

    • Proximity of POPs to your users significantly reduces latency, resulting in higher performance.

    • Custom cache management and cache sharding optimize content delivery based on specific requirements.

  3. Custom-Built & Flexible:

    • Empower your business with custom configuration options.

    • Create custom CDN maps for specific zones based on geo-location, country, ISP, or CDN cost.

  4. Multi-CDN Compatible:

    • Seamlessly integrate Private CDN with other cloud CDNs as part of your Multi-CDN strategy.

    • Integration with DNS-based load balancing solutions such as NS1 and Cedexis for performance or cost-based routing.

  5. Enhanced Security:

    • Private servers and storage ensure a high level of privacy and control.

    • Utilize security protocols like TLS 1.3 for enhanced data protection.

  6. Cost-Effective:

    • Flat pricing per node for license and management.

    • Enables direct negotiation with ISPs and internet exchanges, reducing CDN costs with increased traffic.

  7. 100% Managed Service:

    • Medianova handles the design, build, and management of your Private CDN.

    • Superior support via shared communication channels ensures a fully managed experience.

Technical Details

Deployment Options

  • Private CDN is hardware-agnostic, supporting various infrastructures:

    • Physical

    • Public Cloud

    • Private Cloud

    • Container-based

Security Solutions

  • Secure your content with watermarking solutions provided through partnerships with leading companies.

Monitoring & Management

  • Access log-based real-time monitoring and reporting for measuring user experience and service quality.

Software-defined & Agile

  • Modern CDN software architecture and microservices-based backbone for agility and flexibility.

Cutting-edge Technologies

  1. EdgeCacheâ„¢ Technology:

    • Combines edge server caches into a single pool for over 99% hit rate and superior streaming quality.

  2. Multi-layered Caching:

    • Custom-designed multi-layered cache approach based on specific requirements.

    • Geographically distributed cache layers with support for sharding to prevent duplicated content caching.

  3. Bring Your Own Hardware:

    • Private CDN can be deployed on existing hardware, optimizing delivery performance and functionality.

  4. Container-based Agile Platform:

    • Software-defined topology and container architecture allow running multiple containers and microservices on the same hardware.

Medianova's Private CDN offers a comprehensive, customizable, and managed solution for organizations aiming to optimize content delivery performance while maintaining control and security. For detailed implementation guidance or support, please refer to the documentation sections or reach out through shared communication channels.

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