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How to purge your content?

The efficiency of a Content Delivery Network lies not just in content delivery but also in its ability to swiftly purge outdated or updated content. Purge operation is the process of deleting your content on cache servers in Medianova CDN architecture. If you have made changes to your existing content and you want to make it active immediately without waiting for the cache to expire, you can use the purge operation.

The steps you need to follow are as follows.

  1. You can access the Medianova cloud panel by logging in with your username and password at .

  2. You can reach the Purge setting by clicking on the CDN Resource you would like to edit by following the CDN → CDN Resources path on the left side of the panel and navigating to the Purge tab.

  3. After entering the path information of the contents you want to purge in the box, you can perform the purge operation by pressing the Purge Files button.


Wildcard Purge

Wildcard Purge is supported. You can use * to specify the path and pattern.


  • Please note that purging /example/images/* will also result in the removal of all subdirectories recursively within example/images, such as example/images/subdirectory/.

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