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Usage Reports and Insights

Export Report Email Feature

Accessing 'Export Report Email'

The Medianova Panel offers an 'Export Report Email' feature integrated within each analytics segment:

  • Step 1: Navigate to Analytics Section

    • Access the specific analytics section (e.g., traffic, bandwidth, requests) in the Medianova Panel.

  • Step 2: Customize Report Parameters

    • Set desired parameters such as date range, content types, geographical regions, or specific filters.

  • Step 3: Select 'Export Report Email'

    • Locate the 'Export Report Email' option within the analytics section and initiate the export process.

Insights Included in Exported Reports

When exporting reports via email, you'll receive an Excel file containing comprehensive insights categorized across multiple sheets. This includes detailed data on country distribution, histogram data, and path-based analytics.

This multi-sheet format ensures a structured and comprehensive presentation of diverse datasets, simplifying analysis and enabling a thorough exploration of your content delivery metrics.

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