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Stook Storage User Guide for AWS CLI

AWS CLI is a tool used for data transfer to Stook. Stook works with all S3 compatible cloud storage services.


  • You can download the AWS CLI from this link.

  • You can follow these steps to install AWS CLI from AWS’s website.

  • You can install Windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions of setup files. You can begin the installation by clicking the downloaded file. The installation is explained with screenshots below.

  • First Click to “I accept the terms in the License Agreement”  and then to the  “Next” button.

  • Choose “Install”

  • You can complete installation with the “Finish” button.

  • Enter the following command for MAC-OS and Linux installation. (Python 2.6.5 version is needed, Upload using “pip” command)

pip install awscli


Set the key for Medianova CLOUD for AWS CLI configuration with AWS configure command.

aws configure
AWS Access Key ID [None]: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
AWS Secret Access Key [None]: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
 Default region name [None]: ENTER
Default output format [None]: ENTER

Your account information must be private. Please don’t share it with anyone.
Account information sample:

Access Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Secret Key: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


To List the Buckets;

aws --endpoint-url s3 ls2018-08-07 17:40:52 omertest2018-08-08 16:05:03 testbucket2018-08-08 18:01:00 testbucket1

To List the Contents in Buckets;

aws --endpoint-url s3 ls s3://testbucket12018-08-08 16:05:03         18 testkey

To Create Bucket;

aws --endpoint-url s3 mb s3://bucket2make_bucket: bucket2

To Add Objects inside Buckets;

aws --endpoint-url s3 cp hello_world.txt s3://yepyenibucketcopy: s3://omertest/hello_world.txt to s3://yepyenibucket/hello_world.txt

To Delete Objects inside Buckets;

aws --endpoint-url s3 rm s3://omertest/hello_world.txtdelete: s3://omertest/hello_world.txt

To Remove Buckets;

aws --endpoint-url s3 rb s3://yepyenibucketremove_bucket: s3://yepyenibucket /

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