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Stook Access Key Management

Every storage bucket for each region will be accessible with one master key pair, which has full access to, and control of, all buckets in this region.

When using Medianova Stook Object Storage with a client application (i.e., Cyberduck), or your own app, one should have finer control over access permissions to a particular bucket.

From the Medianova Cloud Panel we allow you to create a new keys that have a Read Only or Read&Write access to a certain bucket.

Read Only - gives you Read permission to list and retrieve most information about the specified Bucket and objects stored in that Bucket.

Read&Write - gives you the permission to list, retrieve, add, delete, and modify most information and objects stored within the specified bucket.

Access key and secret key are different for each credential. To create a new credential and access keys:

  1. Click the Credentials option under Stook Object Storage in the left menu.

  1. On the Stook Credentials page, click the “Create Credential” button. Enter a descriptive credential name and select the access level of the role. Read only or Full Access control options are available. Click on the “Submit” button to complete creating the Credential.

  1. On the Stook credentials page, you can view the access key, secret key and endpoint information. To display the Secret Key information, you need to re-enter your login password.

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