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Medianova Image Optimization

When combined with effective image optimization strategies, CDNs can achieve even greater efficiency in delivering content. Medianova's Image Optimizer employs a distinctive approach, creating derivatives of original images for optimal quality across various devices and browsers. It contributes to optimizing CDN performance, ensuring faster load times, and improving overall user experience by offering the following benefits:

  • Reduced Latency:

    • Image optimization reduces the size of image files, leading to smaller payloads. Smaller files require less time to transfer, minimizing latency and accelerating content delivery from CDNs to end-users.

  • Bandwidth Conservation:

    • Optimized images consume less bandwidth. In a CDN environment, where efficient use of network resources is paramount, reduced bandwidth usage translates to more efficient content distribution.

  • Improved Caching Efficiency:

    • Optimized images result in smaller cache footprints, allowing CDNs to store more content in their caches.

  • Adaptive Image Delivery:

    • With adaptive image delivery techniques, Medianova CDN automatically serves images in formats and resolutions tailored to the capabilities of the end-user's device. This reduces unnecessary data transfer for users on mobile devices or slower connections.

To get started with Medianova Image Optimizer, visit the Optimization menu on the Cloud Panel after selecting your CDN Resource. For the activation of the Image optimization service follow the instructions here.

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