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How to Create a Small Object CDN Resource?

There are two different methods that can be preferred while creating a Small CDN Resource: Origin Pull and Origin Push.

  • The Origin Pull Method: It requires a domain or an IP address that belongs to your server where you store your contents. Your contents will be pulled from the source URL and cached at the edge server nearest to the end-user.

  • The Origin Push Method: It caches contents similar to the origin pull method. The only difference is the source of your content. Your contents will be stored on Medianova Cloud Storage and it will act as an origin to the Small CDN Resource.

Your contents will be served from Medianova edge servers to the end-user with a URL like “”. If you would like to use a different domain, you can create a CNAME record and redirect it to Medianova domains. In that way, the content on your website will be delivered to the end-users via the domain name you have defined.

Following file extensions are not allowed in a Small CDN Resource. The service will return a 403 error when calling these type of flies.

| 3gp | 3gpp | asf | asx | mp3 | wm | wav | midday | mpg | mov | mpeg | m2p | flv | f4v | avi | ogv |ogg | aac | mp4 | m4a | m4v |

How to Create a Small CDN Resource?

  1. You can access the Medianova cloud panel by logging in with your username and password at

  2. In the next screen, Small CDN Resource is selected from the “Start building your CDN” field.

  3. Fill in the requested information for Small CDN Resource.

    • CDN Resource Name: It is the name of the CDN Resource to be created. The name specified here will be used in the CDN URL. (

    • Source of Your Files (when My Origin is selected):  

      • My Origin: Select this option if your CDN Resource will use Origin Pull method.

      • Origin URL: In this field, the origin URL from which the content will be extracted is specified. (http(s)://

      • CDN Resource Label: In this field, a label describing your CDN Resource is entered.


    • Source of Your Files (when CDN Storage is selected):  

      • CDN Storage:  Select this option to host your content on Medianova servers and serve it to the end user with the Origin Push method.

      • FTP Password: It is the password you will set for the FTP user to be created to upload your content.

      • FTP Password Confirmation: Enter the FTP password again.

      • CDN Resource Label: In this field, a label describing your CDN Resource is entered.


  4. When all the information is filled in properly, the Small CDN Resource is created by clicking the “Create CDN Resource” button. It will take a few minutes to activate. (When the ping command is run, getting a response from an IP address means the CDN Resource is active).

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