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How to Activate IP Restriction?

IP Restriction ACL, short for Access Control List, regulates access by controlling which IP addresses are allowed or denied access to specific network resources.

This type of ACL typically offers two main options:

  1. Whitelist: In this mode, only devices with specific IP addresses are allowed access to designated resources. IP addresses added to the whitelist are granted access, while all others are denied.

  2. Blacklist: In contrast, devices with IP addresses listed in the blacklist are denied access to designated resources, while all other devices are allowed access.

Multiple IP addresses can be added to either the whitelist or the blacklist, depending on the desired access control policy. For example, you might whitelist IP addresses belonging to trusted partners or blacklist IP addresses associated with malicious activity.

However, it's important to note that you cannot use the whitelist and blacklist options simultaneously. They are mutually exclusive. You must choose one mode or the other, as they serve conflicting purposes.

This type of IP Restriction ACL is commonly employed to enhance network security by restricting access to critical resources and mitigating unauthorized access attempts.

To access the IP Restriction ACL setting in the Medianova Cloud Panel, follow these steps:

  1. Start by clicking on CDN in the left-hand menu, then select CDN Resources from the submenu.

  2. From the list of CDN Resources, choose the one for which you wish to configure the IP Restriction ACL setting.

  3. Navigate to the Security tab within the selected CDN Resource.

  4. Within the Security tab, you'll find the IP Restriction ACL setting.

  5. When you enable IP Restriction ACL, two options will appear: Whitelist and Blacklist.

  6. If you want to allow specific IP addresses and block others, select Whitelist. Enter the allowed IP addresses and click on the + icon.

  7. If you want to block specific IP addresses and allow others, select Blacklist. Enter the blocked IP addresses and click on the + icon.

  8. Click on the Save Changes button.

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