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Formats Supported

HLS, DASH Streaming Support

LL-HLS (Low Latency HLS)

  • Medianova incorporates LL-HLS for low-latency streaming, minimizing delays during live broadcasts for a more real-time experience.

HTTP Media Delivery Format Support

FLV (.flv)

  • Medianova maintains support for FLV (Flash Video) as a legacy streaming format, ensuring compatibility for clients with historical FLV content.

HLS (.m3u8, .ts)

  • HLS support includes .m3u8 playlists and .ts segment files, providing adaptive streaming for an optimal viewing experience.

DASH (.mpd)

  • Medianova supports DASH with .mpd files, facilitating dynamic streaming over HTTP in accordance with open standards.

MP4 (.m4a, .m4v, .mp4)

  • Medianova's platform ensures compatibility with the versatile MP4 format, supporting audio (.m4a), video (.m4v), and combined media (.mp4).

Origin Pull Support

Medianova's content delivery services provide robust support for Origin Pull, allowing seamless retrieval of various streaming formats from the origin server.

RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol)

  • RTMP is fully supported for Origin Pull, enabling the efficient retrieval of real-time audio, video, and data streams from the origin server. This protocol is particularly effective for live streaming scenarios.


  • Medianova facilitates Origin Pull through standard HTTP, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of web applications and systems. This allows for efficient content retrieval from the origin server using standard web protocols.

FLV (Flash Video)

  • Origin Pull for FLV involves the efficient fetching of Flash Video content from the origin server. While Flash technology has diminished, Medianova maintains support for FLV to accommodate legacy content.

HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)

  • Medianova supports Origin Pull for HLS, allowing the retrieval of adaptive streaming content through the HTTP Live Streaming protocol. This adaptive streaming approach optimizes the streaming experience, especially on Apple devices.

HDS (HTTP Dynamic Streaming)

  • Origin Pull for HDS involves fetching content using HTTP Dynamic Streaming. This format provides adaptive streaming capabilities, enhancing the overall streaming experience.

Origin Push Support

Medianova's content delivery infrastructure includes robust support for Origin Push, facilitating direct content transmission from the origin server to the CDN.

RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol)

  • Origin Push with RTMP allows the direct transmission of real-time audio, video, and data from the origin server to the CDN. This is particularly effective for live streaming applications.


  • Origin Push through standard HTTP enables the origin server to proactively push content to the CDN, optimizing the content delivery process.

FLV (Flash Video)

  • Origin Push for FLV involves the direct transmission of Flash Video content from the origin server to the CDN, ensuring a seamless transition for clients with legacy content.

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport)

  • Origin Push with SRT ensures secure and reliable content transmission from the origin server. SRT's low-latency features make it well-suited for live streaming applications.

HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)

  • Origin Push for HLS involves the direct transmission of content using the HTTP Live Streaming protocol. This adaptive streaming approach optimizes content delivery, especially on Apple devices.

Security Features

Token Authentication (Customizable)

  • Medianova offers customizable token authentication, allowing the generation and validation of unique tokens for secure content access.

DRM (Digital Rights Management)

  • Medianova incorporates DRM to protect digital content from unauthorized access and distribution, ensuring compliance with rights and licensing agreements.

AES128 Encryption

  • Medianova employs AES128 encryption to secure data in transit, safeguarding content from unauthorized interception.

TLS 1.3

  • Medianova supports TLS 1.3, the latest standard for secure communication over the internet, enhancing data privacy and integrity.

Geo Blocking

  • Medianova's Geo Blocking feature allows content providers to restrict access based on geographical locations, enhancing content distribution control.

Domain Verification

  • Medianova includes domain verification as a security layer, confirming the legitimacy of domains to prevent unauthorized access.

Whitelist / Blacklist IP

  • Medianova provides IP whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities, allowing content providers to specify trusted or restricted IP addresses for content access control.

Recording Features

nDVR (Network Digital Video Recorder)

  • Medianova's platform includes nDVR for recording live streaming content, enabling users to pause, rewind, and playback live streams for a more flexible viewing experience.

CDN Features

Dockerized CDN Platform

  • Medianova's CDN platform is dockerized, utilizing containerization technology for efficient deployment and scalability.

Software Defined CDN Technology

  • Medianova leverages Software-Defined CDN technology, providing dynamic and programmable control over CDN resources for optimal performance.

Anycast DNS Global Load Balancing

  • Medianova uses Anycast DNS for global load balancing, directing user requests to the nearest server for minimized latency and improved content delivery.

Multi-Layer Caching

  • Medianova incorporates multi-layer caching, optimizing content delivery by strategically storing frequently requested content at different points in the CDN infrastructure.

Multi-Origin Support

  • Medianova's CDN supports multiple origin servers, facilitating content distribution and management from various sources.

Memory-based Live Streaming

  • Medianova employs memory-based live streaming for real-time content delivery, ensuring low-latency and high-performance live broadcasts.

Multi-CDN and Hybrid-CDN Integration Support

  • Medianova provides support for integrating with multiple CDNs or hybrid CDN configurations, optimizing content delivery for diverse streaming requirements.

Flexible and Feature-Rich API Support

  • Medianova offers a flexible and feature-rich API for CDN management, allowing content providers to automate and customize CDN configurations.

Real User Monitoring

  • Medianova incorporates Real User Monitoring to track and analyze end-user interactions with content, providing insights for optimizing CDN performance and user experience.

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