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Drupal Medianova CDN Integration

CDNs are cloud computing platforms that deliver the content of your website quickly to end-users through edge servers in its architecture. With the geographically distributed structure of CDN, your content is presented very quickly to users who are requesting even from a very far location to your origins. This speed is due to the fact that your content is served from the nearest Medianova servers geographically.

One of the popular content management systems (CMS), Drupal offers PHP-based, open-source and free services. For this reason, the number of people who manage websites through Drupal is quite high. With Drupal CDN integration, it is possible to increase the performance of your websites. In many cases, it is very advantageous to integrate your Drupal site with Medianova CDN.

You can perform Medianova CDN, Drupal integration by following the steps below.

Note: We recommend back up the cms before the integration.

  1. First, log in to to create a Medianova CDN Resource for your content. You need to create Small resource for your image content like jpg, png, and Large resource for your video content like mp4.

  2. Enter the Drupal admin panel.

  3. Click the “Modules” button and then “Install New Module” button in the menü.

  4. And then select the CDN module with follows the steps Extend > Install new module > Install from a URL step. Load the module in the website with click the “Install” button.

  5. Go to the “Extend” page and load with select the “CDN” and “CDN UI” options in the “Web Services” menu.

  1. Go to Configure > Web Services > CDN Integration  page. In this page enter your CDN URL by making the CDN status valid and save your changes.

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