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Data Transfer to Stook with Cyberduck

There are a few options to send data to Stook that the cloud storage solution of Medianova. One of these options is data transferring using Cyberduck that is a client for cloud storage for macOS and Windows platforms. First of all, you should install a proper Cyberduck distribution on your computer according to your operating system to data transfer to Stook with Cyberduck.

  • Data transfer from your computer to Stook

  • Data transfer from your AWS S3 storage to Stook

When your Medianova Stook Object Storage is built, you will be sent the essential security credential to reach this account.

Your security credential is private. Please do not share with anyone.

When an account is created on Stook, Object Storage product of Medianova, the following credentials are shared with you to access the storage area.

Security credentials we provide as an example:

Access Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Secret Key: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Data Transfer from Your Computer to Stook

You can access the Stook storage area with the Cyberduck tool by following the steps below, and then you can easily transfer any content on your computer to the storage area with the drag and drop method.

  1. Install the free Cyberduck application on your computer and open the application after installation.

  2. Press the “Open Connection” button.

  1. Select Amazon S3 from ComboBox.

  1. Once you have selected Amazon S3, enter the security credential provided by Medianova in the Server, Access Key ID, and Password fields at the bottom, then press Connect.

  1. After pressing the Connect button, press the Action button in the menu bar and create a “New Folder”.

  1. You can now start loading the documents with drag and drop into the folder you created.

You can’t directly access the content that you upload to Stook as http / https. To access the contents, a CDN zone must be created associated with this storage area.

Data Transfer from Your AWS S3 Storage to Stook

Above, we explained how to access the Stook storage area with the Cyberduck tool and how to transfer any file from your computer to Stook, Medianova’s cloud storage. Now; in order to transfer data from Amazon S3 to Stook, we will explain how to transfer data by drag and drop method after accessing AWS S3 and Stook with Cyberduck.

  1. First, you should access Stook with Cyberduck by following the above steps.

  2. Then, by following the above similar steps, open the Cyberduck application and press the Open Connection button to access AWS S3 with Cyberduck.

  1. Select Amazon S3 from ComboBox.

  1. After selecting Amazon S3, enter the information obtained from your Amazon account in the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key field and press the Connect button, which allows you to access AWS S3 without making any changes to the information in the Server field.

  1. You can easily transfer your files from your AWS S3 (left) and Stook (right) storage areas that you access with the help of Cyberduck at the same time to another by drag and drop method.

This transfer method will not be efficient when the number of content you want to transfer is too large. In such a case, please contact our technical team via the channels below.

Also, if you encounter a problem with your storage space or Cyberduck application, you can send an e-mail to or contact our support team at +902122755456.

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