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Are CDNs valuable for video streaming?

As communication possibilities expand, every content now has the opportunity to reach every corner of the world in real-time. This is a unique opportunity for organizations looking to appeal to a broader audience. To deliver an enhanced video streaming experience, you must ensure that every viewer enjoys the content equally. Performance degradation is inevitable when you want to reach all viewers from a single source, depending on the distance and the load on your server.

Content Delivery Network Services is a solution to overcome these problems. With the help of CDN, organizations deliver content to the user via nearby geographical points. Thus, each user receives the same content from the server closest to their location with high performance.

A robust CDN solution can make a difference in

  • Preventing performance drops by reducing the transfer load on the network bandwidth.

  • Minimizing the workload of the primary server

  • Reducing the latency in the live stream by shortening the distance that the data has to reach.

Medianova’s video and streaming service offer a multi-bitrate adaptive, high-quality live and on-demand streaming experience from the most convenient point to your user’s location. It provides complete compatibility with your IT and adherence to enterprise security standards.

CDN Services can raise your standards as a whole. By contacting the Medianova team, you can discover why Medianova CDN solutions are the answer to all your needs.

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