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SSL / TLS Encryption

Secure Socket Layer(SSL) provides secure, encrypted communications between a server and client. A website with an SSL certificate is considered safe. Generally, The most important reason for e-commerce sites to be preferred by users is whether they are secure.

The Http protocol has been used for many years to provide communication in the Internet world. But http is not very secure and has turned into HTTPS over time. Https is a protocol used to secure data exchange on the network. This protocol in order to provide security performs an encrypted connection with SSL / TLS.

We have explained the types of certificates you can choose for you first, and then the steps that should be followed to define SSL certificate via Medianova CDN in the cases where the SSL certificate received is .pfx.

Certificate Types

There are many different types of SSL certificates. Below you can find explanations about the most common types of certificates.

1. Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL Certificate is a type of certificate that can be used for all of the subdomains of a certain domain. Wildcard SSL also supports Sub-names of the domain. For example; , , , * type of certificate is supported by all browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome. The wildcard is the type of certificate which is ideal for e-commerce and sites requiring a secure login.

2. SAN supported SSL

Certificates are generally purchased for a hostname (main domain). However, there is another type of certificate that supports more than a domain name, and its called SAN. SAN-hosted certificates may vary in hostname permissions. It will be wise to obtain a SAN-supported SSL certificate after you have decided about the number of domains to be served and the type of service you will be serving.

3. Code Signing SSL Certificate

The code signing certificate usually is used by software developers and they digitally sign aps and other software to verify the end-users that the code they are receiving hasn’t been altered or compromised by a third party.If you want to request an SSL certificate for your own server or a code/driver, you need to create a certificate signing request (CSR). This defines both the server that will use your certificate and the domain names (known names) that you will use for SSL certificates.

4. Other Types of SSL Certificates

There are also Domain SSL, Extended SSL, and Organization SSL certificate types.

  • Domain SSL: An SSL certificate service that can be used to protect and secure only a domain name. Single or multiple domain options are also available depending on your need.

  • Organization Validated SSL: Organization Validated SSL is the type of SSL Certificate that turns the browser’s address bar entirely green or displays the name of your organization alongside a green lock.
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  • Extended SSL: Extended SSL is the type of certificate service that has more credibility than Domain SSL. The green branded address bar is the most highly recognizable sign of an EV-secured webpage. It shows visitors your website is a safe place to enter their sensitive data.

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