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Image Optimization and WebP

Image Optimization with Medianova goes beyond just resizing; it's a dynamic process that transforms images on the fly with a simple URL call. This means you can effortlessly crop, rotate, resize, watermark, and apply various transformations to a single image, generating endless versions tailored to specific needs.

The solution supports responsive Images, automatically delivering different sizes based on the user's device and screen resolution. This not only enhances the visual experience but also contributes to faster page loading times, as each user receives optimized content. Additionally, Image Resizing is seamlessly integrated, allowing dynamic adjustments of image dimensions to fit varying layouts and devices.

Moreover, Medianova CDN is WebP Ready, ensuring efficient image delivery. Images are automatically converted into the WebP format and cached. The system intelligently detects users whose browsers support WebP and serves images in this highly efficient format. To further boost optimization, the Image Optimizer operates on GPU and CPU clusters situated next to CDN edges. An optimized algorithm, based on image size, dynamically selects GPU or CPU utilization to achieve the lowest latency possible.

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