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Hepsiburada (NASDAQ: HEPS)

Hepsiburada is the top ranking e-commerce platform in Turkey. It offers 4.5 million product varieties and 12.7 million products (SKU) in 30 different categories. While generating 75 million visits (22 million unique); Hepsiburada makes 10 million shipments per month, varying from cosmetics to books, from home appliances to furniture.


In today’s world, visitors are impatient. Fast and smooth digital experiences matter the most. This in return affects the conversions of the e-commerce sites. Therefore, Hepsiburada wanted to achieve a better performance for its site visitors in order to eventually increase the sales.

They realized that the more their site traffic grew the harder it became to manage the physical infrastructure and to have timely updates within budget before the peaks in traffic. Plus, the increasing amount of competition in the e-commerce industry created a demand for a higher quality and faster content delivery.

They had been trying CDNs for traffic offloading in the past years but as the traffic kept coming from different regions and devices, they realized that one CDN wouldn’t be enough for the best performance and 100% uptime for all users.

For these reasons Hepsiburada decided to use Medianova’s CDN expertise.


Hepsiburada chose to proceed with a MultiCDN approach with performance-based load balancing. In doing so it used Cedes' patented load balancing algorithm based on Real User Monitoring (RUM) technology and added Medianova https SecureCDN to the mix.


As indicated by Aberdeen Reports, a second of delay in load times may cause a 7% loss in conversion, 11% fewer page views and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. By including Medianova in their MultiCDN mix, we can conclude that Hepsiburada guaranteed to provide its customers with a superior service.

Medianova Secure CDN performed much better than the other local and global CDNs and Cedexis' real time decisions sent 67% of the total traffic to Medianova SecureCDN.

Medianova’s strong acquisition platform and edge caches made sure 99.13% of the diverse content were cached and delivered from the Medianova SecureCDN.

Cedexis' private report stated that resources were downloaded 25% faster when Medianova was added to the MultiCDN mix.

Along with that, HTTP/2 and anycast based DNS platform of Medianova enabled Hepsiburada to achieve a 9% better page load time.

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