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Content Compression Techniques

Medianova provides robust support for both Brotli and Gzip compression algorithms.

Brotli is a new-generation Web Compression method, developed by Google. It compresses the files on your website, ensuring that your website opens more quickly and that the bandwidth (traffic) load is balanced.

It is a better compression method than GZIP as it reduces file sizes more than GZIP does (a 17% to 25% more compression ratio in formats such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript). With lossless Brotli compressions, the content does not lose its pre-compressed information so that it can be manipulated as efficiently as an uncompressed content.

With Brotli you can present your customers a much-improved User Experience. Compressed content is delivered faster than uncompressed, this dramatically decreases page load times as pages are composed of many different types of content. 

If you have a website which especially uses up a very high amount of traffic periodically, the Brotli compression method will certainly relieve your website. By balancing the traffic, it will prevent the excessive bandwidth usage.

It will also allow your website to load more quickly by compressing the files on your website.

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