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Acronyms and Abbreviations

This document provides a comprehensive reference for acronyms and abbreviations commonly used within the context of Medianova CDN (Content Delivery Network).

  1. CDN (Content Delivery Network): Medianova's service facilitating the efficient distribution of digital content across the internet.

  2. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol): The protocol utilized for information transmission on Medianova's CDN platform.

  3. HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure): A secure version of HTTP ensuring encrypted data transmission on Medianova CDN.

  4. DNS (Domain Name System): Medianova's system translating domain names into IP addresses for seamless content delivery.

  5. WAF (Web Application Firewall): Medianova's security measure protecting web applications from various online threats and vulnerabilities.

  6. PoP (Point of Presence): Specific locations within Medianova's CDN network infrastructure for optimized content distribution.

  7. SSD (Solid State Drive): High-performance storage devices utilized by Medianova for rapid data access.

  8. TLS (Transport Layer Security): Cryptographic protocols implemented by Medianova to ensure secure data transmission.

  9. API (Application Programming Interface): Interfaces developed by Medianova to facilitate seamless communication between software applications.

  10. QoS (Quality of Service): Medianova's measure for assessing and maintaining the quality of data transmission on its CDN.

  11. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service): Measures implemented by Medianova to counteract and protect against DDoS attacks on its CDN services.

  12. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): Medianova's chosen protocol for reliable data transmission on its CDN network.

  13. UDP (User Datagram Protocol): An alternative protocol employed by Medianova for specific data transmission needs.

  14. SLA (Service Level Agreement): Agreements defining the service standards guaranteed by Medianova to its clients.

  15. IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6): Medianova's utilization of IPv6 to uniquely identify and manage devices on its CDN.

  16. VOD (Video on Demand): Medianova's service enabling users to access video content at their convenience.

  17. OTT (Over-The-Top): A content delivery approach where media content is delivered directly over the internet without the involvement of traditional cable or satellite providers.

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